Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoffer Chapter 1

The terms Church, Assembly, Congregation, Kirk, Gathering, Body speak of companies of men and women confessing faith in Jesus Christ. Yet the diversity of practice and beliefs expressed in the myriad of Christian communities appears to be significantly antithetical to the simple words of saint Paul, “One faith, one Lord, One Baptism” and his encouragement to keep the unity of the faith in the bond of peace.

But for Bonhoeffer, this seemed to be a fading reality during the backdrop of encroaching totalitarianism which sought to erode orthodoxy in the historic church. When the Nazis used errastianism and terror to dilute the German church into a puppet organization of the Nazi regime, there emerged for Dietrich Bonhoeffer the need to identify with a new church, one which had not bowed the knee to Baal, that stood against the Nazis to the point of death itself.

Like the wheat and the tares, are there two churches today, one authentic and the other illegitimate, each vying for a voice in this post modern age when the notion of Church evokes suspicion even within its ranks?

Life Together by  challenges the idea the the Christian can live apart from genuine community by aptly describing that community in five short chapters, Life Together, The Day with Others, The Day After, Ministry and Confession and Communion.

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Before reading the book, please watch this introductory video by Erich Metaxis , on Bonhoeffer, a Study of his Life