HISTABLE is not a new website. However, it has been entirely rebuilt around the conviction that the gospel is not only on display in changed lives but in the worship that emerges from those lives. That worship is not only expressed in the word preached but also, poignantly in the Lord’s Supper, the Eucharist or Communion. In the context of the Assembly, it is Christ who invites to His table. In the context of this website, it is hoped that the material in this website will beckon discussion and further study as well as christian fellowship.

We will cull articles, blogs, video and music from a variety of sources to foster mutual study and edification in the discussion of divine truths to the glory of God and your growth “in grace and in the knowledge our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”

HISTABLE seeks to be biblical and orthodox, non denominational and conservative.

Please visit our Doctrine and Theology page to get a sense of the position we take on Scriptural and Doctrinal matters.


Biblical study, Reformed Theology

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