Glorious Transformation

Peter, James and John saw Jesus in his Transfiguration.
What did they see?

Matthew 17.1- 8, Mark 9.1-8 and Luke 9.29-36

  1. The Select Disciples
    Jesus chose them out of12. Peter, James and John.  Election?
    See John 15.16 “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you”
  2. The Shining Face of Jesus
    What they saw was transforming. Jesus was transfigured
    We need to be transformed Romans 12.2
  3. The Subject of Discussion
    His departure: His death, resurrection, ascension
    The Cross should loom large in our vision. Does it?
  4. The Shekinah Cloud
    His face shined. But then a shining cloud came along.
    Are we in awe of this glorious display of radiance?
    Does his glory occupy our sight, even from afar?
  5. The Spoken Word
    The Father’s Voice
    The material worlds were spoken into existence
    The same voice speaks His adoration of His Son
    Are we listening? “My Son is my delight”
    Is he ours?

3 thoughts on “Glorious Transformation”

    1. Years ago I read (or maybe heard?) someone say that the enemy will do everything within his power to get you to have premarital sex as a single, and everything in his power to prevent you from having sex in marriage. In other words, Satan relishes in illicit sex and hates holy sex. I thought Wow! that’s so true. So, I think that even if you are married, there are sexual temptations (withholding from your spouse, using sex as a weapon, turning to porn or other sinful sexual behaviors, etc.) For me, personally, as a single, the temptation is just to not get discouraged in waiting and to keep trusting God for marriage.

  1. As a single late 20 sonithemg who is still a virgin, I can say that I truly appreciate this post because sometimes it feels as though so many don’t verses in the Bible are intended or preached as though they were meant for those of us trying to stay pure or to beat us up when we begin to struggle or forget the goal. But, seeing that from a married’s perspective these verses still have value and importance enough for God to bring it to your attention three times is awesome!Thanks for sharing!~K

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